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Pyrenees 4x4 overland adventure..

Through the mountains we go.
Reaching heights of 8000ft.
Spectacular views.
Optional sections for the Brave.
Arriving at the Mediterranean Sea.


Pyrenees 4x4 tours are organised and run by Lost World Adventures as guided tag along overland expedition tours for owners of 4x4 vehicles through the amazing Pyrenees Mountains, quoted as being the last wilderness in western Europe.

This 400km-long range consists of lush meadows and glaciers. limestone pavements, rugged granite peaks and deep canyons, dense forests, turbulent rivers with spectacular waterfalls and hundreds of mountain lakes, this is an area often missed by many.

Running between the Atlantic shores and the Mediterranean sea the Pyrenees forms a natural frontier between France and Spain, thoughout which walkers, climbers, trial riders and 4x4 drivers exercise there sport among landscapes as diverse and appealing as any to be found in Europe.

Take alook at the slideshow below and why not come and join us on a tour through this amazing wilderness, The Pyrenees Mountains.

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Atlantic to the Med.

Dates - 17th-28th October 2016

Starting at the Atlantic Coast this 12 day Trans-Pyrenees Tour will take us across one of the most spectacular Mountain Ranges in Europe. We will follow an ancient smugglers route into the Principality of Andorra to allow for a day off shopping before heading of east to continue our tour arriving at the Mediterranean Sea, an amazing view.

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Lost World Adventures.

Overland Expeditions for owners of 4x4 vehicles.

Lost World Adventures since 2010 has been providing guided overland expedition tours for owners of 4x4 vehicles in the UK, Europe and Beyond. Using the network of trails and tracks throughout Europe and traveling in small groups we cover many types of terrain guiding you along long lost forgotten trails, seeing scenery that others just pass by, through ancient landscapes. Over rolling, open downland to and through secluded valleys, mountain pistes and woods, following the same routes used since prehistoric times by travelers, herdsmen, smugglers and soldiers.

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